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Welcome to ShoppingCentre.Site, where you can access Merchants that accept Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies as well as detail of Local Shopping Centres that feature merchants that accept the local pound, helping to support local businesses.

When buying wiith Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies, you can significantly reduce your risk as you do not give your financial details out online.

You can get significant discounts when you buy through sites featured at ShoppingCentre.Site

Some Merchants featured in sites featured at ShoppingCentre.Site also accept pre-payment for discount programmes and special promotions. Site subscribers are notified by Newsletter of the various discounts and promotions available from relevant merchants. Please Subscribe to the video magazine for details of cashback and other discounts

You can also access products and information videos through sites featured at ShoppingCentre.Site. Videos stand out on the Internet, giving a quick and easily understood overview of a product without being overwhelming. In less than thirty seconds, relevant information can be provided, through a short, visually appealing video.


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